Butler 5.15

The assistant who thinks of everything

Butler is a practical tool designed to increase the functionality of your Treo's built-in alarm. Butler includes the following features:

  • MP3 alarms - uses the Treo's built in MP3 software
  • Set the alarms to repeat on the days you select.
  • Choose snoozes, snooze delay, vibrate, LED, and more.
  • Alarms will ring even if the keyguard is active, an SMS is showing - and will survive a soft reset
  • Attention Grabber - makes sure you know about calls, sms, voicemail, appointments and other alerts by reminding you as often as you ask it to.
  • You can set the attention grabber to play a tone, vibrate, play an MP3 or set the LED (or any combination).
  • KeyLauncher - access your favourites from anywhere
  • Press and hold a key at any time to launch the application that is assigned to it
  • Volume Buttons - make them work! Use the volume buttons to scroll through list, text, applications, buttons, etc.
  • Phone Keyguard - (extra strong!). Stop the space, delete and return keys from answering and dropping calls.

And much more! All in all, this is a feature packed must for your Treo.

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Butler 5.15